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For me, psychotherapy is a secure and sacred place based on a trusting and caring relationship that allows you to explore and know yourself deeply. It is a powerful interpersonal process of connecting with your true self, thoughts, emotions and behaviors in order to learn and develop new ways of relating to yourself and others that brings more wellbeing and peace to your life.


For over 20 years i have been working in psychotherapy with adults, accompanying them with symptoms such as anxiety disorders, depression, grief and conflicts in they interpersonal relationships. I learn over the years that this symptoms usually reflect a more deeper meaning that we sometimes  tend to think or even judge. 
I have been working for almost 18 years with people who suffers from addiction and other mental diseases, learning so much with them the importance of our emotional wellbeing, the quality of our human connections and find meaning in our lives. 


My personal approach to Psychotherapy comes from an extensive and integrative training in depth psychology, clinical community psychology and psychodrama for nearly 20 years. 
I believe that psychotherapy is a unique and creative process which is not easy to determine in advance its duration. However, it is possible to establish different types of psychotherapy according to its objetives: 
1. Solution oriented Psychotherapy: Focused on specific symptoms or personal situations that you need to deal with, this type of psychotherapy explores and identify your resources to cope with your difficulties and increase your wellbeing in the here and now. 
2. Group Psychotherapy: This type of psychotherapy gives you the opportunity to share and explore your inner world and suffering with others. It helps you amplify your awareness and improve your social skills. I find over the years working in the field of addiction and mental diseases that this can be a powerful and transformative experience.
3.  Expressive psychotherapy: A term that comes from psychoanalysis, an expressive process refers to a journey within yourself to explore and discover how you really are, what are your desires and needs, find your meaning and purpose and figure out what is stopping you from doing it. It is a deeper and intimate work that will allow you to identify and change the patterns that are causing you pain and suffering in the relationship with yourself and others, in order to have happiness and health in your life. 

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